10 New Years Resolution for mommies!

You’ve probably already started thinking about new years resolutions to kick off 2018, but if you’re anything like me, you need a see it in a list.

Here is a list of 10 ideas to make 2018 your best SAHM year yet!

  1. Less television- My husband and I have discussed getting rid of our cable package to save money while I stay home with our baby.  I am excited at the prospect of cutting the large time suck that tv has become in my life.  I watch way too much and it’s all garbage.
  2. More reading- with all the extra time you’ll have after getting rid of tv, why not enjoy some literature!  I recently finished Big Little Lies which was really entertaining and have just started reading The Night Circus which a friend who is an avid reader tells me was one of the best books she’s ever read.
  3. More Walks– my son and I love to go on walks around our neighborhood and I’d like to make this a more regular occurrence now that I’ll be home with him full time.  I’d also like to take longer more exciting walks at some of the parks in our area.
  4. Cleaner home- this is probably the most difficult item on my list.  Cleaning is not my strong suite and having a veteran husband that is super anal about cleaning, I usually just let him do the bulk of it.  Since I’ll be the one staying home, I need to step up my game.  I plan  to follow a SAHM Cleaning Schedule in 2018 to ensure I’m actually cleaning something everyday and not getting overwhelmed.  I love this idea of daily cleaning and spreading the rest out over the week.
  5. Better meal prepping– Because we are losing my income, we’ll need to be much better at grocery shopping.  Currently we spend way too much and go to store way too frequently.  I am looking forward to sticking to a list and really thinking through each meal to see where we can use leftovers and buy in bulk to make ingredients last longer.
  6. Time to yourself- something I really struggle with and definitely don’t prioritize is time for myself.  That could be going to get a massage or making a nail appointment or as simple as asking hubby to watch the kids while you take a long bubble bath.  In order to be the best energized mom you can be, sometimes it’s important to take a minute for yourself.
  7. Time with hubby- This is another difficult one for me.  We haven’t had a date night since we had our baby 6 months ago.  We go out plenty but it’s always with our son.  I haven’t been anxious to leave him and there’s very few people I’d trust with him.  I am also exclusively breastfeeding and he hasn’t taken to a bottle yet, so my time away is very limited.  However, these are all excuses.  I have friends and family I trust and would be ok going to a matinee movie or a lunch away with my husband.
  8. Time with kiddos- I spend a lot of time during the day letting my baby play while I try to get things done around the house.  While that is important, it’s more important to take some time each day to just relax and play with your baby.  My husband is so good at this.  When he gets home, he spends a lot of his evening just playing with our son and giving him all his attention.  My son just loves his daddy and this time everyday.
  9. Read the bible- As a Catholic, I am familiar with all the bible stories but haven’t really ever taken the time to just sit and read the bible.  I’d like to add this into my morning routine.  Wake up before my son and husband, make some coffee, and just sit and read the bible each morning.
  10. Pray more/journal- I want to add this into my morning routine as well.  After reading an excerpt from the bible, I’d like to journal about it and pray.  I am great at praying when I need help with something, but definitely need to thank God when things go my way and pray for others as well.  Check out this excellent blog post about Bible Journaling


What are your new years resolutions?



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